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Picdesk licenses beautiful images of women to a worldwide client base of over 2800 Photo Editors, Art Buyers and Creative Directors. We are a non-stock, niche image syndication agency brokering the sale of images that are used in magazines, advertisements, marketing, print and web media.

Picture buyers come to us when they are looking for images for major features, covers, posters, advertising imagery, packaging, branding and digital media.

Our clients include:

  • Major publishing houses
  • Established high-profile magazines
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing and branding companies
  • In-house advertising departments
  • Custom printing houses

To satisfy our clients, we maintain a continuously updated collection of high-quality, diverse, creative images of women. Here are some of the benefits we offer our syndication partners:

Here are some of the benefits to selling your images with Picdesk:


The Picdesk name and logo is an established, reputable brand known to image buyers around the world for quality images and excellent customer service. Having your images available through Picdesk immediately aligns you and your work with our hard-earned reputation.

Earn Money

Picdesk offers you the opportunity to have your images published in quality, established publications around the world while increasing your income. We license images according to current market rates and offer photographers and copyright holders a great commission which is paid on time, every time.

Maintain Control

As an agency to many high-profile photographers we understand the need to know each photographer and how he/she wants their work portrayed, in which publications and in what context. This is why we offer our photographer’s the ability to clearly outline restrictions and limitations to the placement of their images.

A Partnership Based on Trust

The success Picdesk is based on the creation of trusted partnerships with our clients and photographers. We offer our photographers transparency and reporting services that help them understand the precise amount of traffic their images have generated, how many requests have been generated relating to their work and of course prompt payment and sales data with detailed, automated statements.

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